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Silver Seas
« on: April 03, 2021, 04:17:25 AM »
Created: 03/02/2021
Status: ACTIVE

Pirates | 3-5 Sentence Minimum | Semi-Real | 20+ Members

Ahoy! Welcome to SILVER SEAS! Are ye lookin’ for the adventure of your lifetime? Then maybe ye should become a pirate! Join us today aboard the Loyal Hangman!

Silver Seas is an active, paragraphed (3-5 sentence minimum, RPS only for high ranks), currently unmapped group that roleplays in Feralheart and on Discord. (Send a friend request Stormwlf#3070, Toonanimals#4826, or Flurz#5844 ’s way to get yerself an invite!)

Our group is preset friendly and semi-realistic. We’re pretty lenient when it comes to markings, just nothing extremely odd that wouldn’t occur in nature such as a heart, stars, etc. are not allowed.

We are a canine based pirate group. Any and all canines are allowed to join the Loyal Hangman’s crew.

The seven seas are rife with danger. Legends and myths that mesmerize and terrify those who brave her dark waters. Countless stories are whispered between hushed breaths across tables, excited and naive as their eyes are filled with a shining golden glow.

Are they just legends? Notorious Pirate Captain, Kaja, leads a crew of scoundrels across the seas in search of these legends. His sights are set on the secret bounty of the Bermuda Triangle-- with no sailor ever to escape alive, he is certain that more than just water lies within its boundaries.

Join the crew of the Loyal Hangman as they sail the Silver Seas in search of treasure and glory, stopping at nothing to uncover the darkest secrets of the ocean. Be paid handsomely as you risk life and limb for untold riches and discover new islands.

What say you, pirate?

Ready to be worth more than the King himself?


Masters Of The Seas

The Captain is the head of the ship. They are in charge of making any and all orders. Any "special" requests or questions that the quartermaster cannot answer - must go through the captain

Lady of the Sea
The Captains darling. They will and must be seen as high as the captain and can give just as many orders as them. They will reside with the Captain beneath the ship.

Typically the Captain's right hand man/woman. They assist the captain in making decisions and normally have all the orders that they captain has for the rest of the boat.
They may also dole out punishments and settle quarrels that may happen on deck.

Skilled canines who make sure the ship stays afloat and everything is in order. They typically make sure there are no slackers and each canine is doing their service.

Sailing Master
Any questions that the navigator or helmsman have, go through the sailing master. They should be able to take the helmsman advice and report to the captain on whether the boat should rest, dock, continue or if worse came to worse- batten down the hatches for a storm.

Navigation Crew

The navigator and the Helmsman may switch on and off of steering the ship. However, the helmsman should have an expert understanding of not only the stars but the ocean's temperament and weather as well.

Must be skilled in the bare minimum of steering a ship. They should have a basic understanding of the stars and the direction that they were ordered.

Weapon and Gun Crew

Gunner's are in charge of cannons aboard the ship and being the warriors of sorts in case of bandits or enemy canines.

Powder Monkey
Powder Monkeys serve and assist gunner's if enemy ships grow near or assist in battling bandits or catching stowaways.

Medic Ranks

Doctors are a high priority on the ship. They make sure each canine is in tip-top shape or may ask a canine to quarantine below the ship if they have a concern of a growing sickness.

Gatherer's gather and prepare herbs for the doctor. They are especially needed to explore and gather ingredients and herbs on the various islands that they may dock at.


No cook? No crew. Cooks are in charge of feeding the crew when hunger rolls around.

Fishermen/women are in charge of fetching meat for the cook. (mainly fish as that is normally what is available.)

On special occasions, they may also be termed hunters when the ship docks. If this is the case, they are free to hunt down as large or as small a prey as they wish to share with the rest of the ship.


Cabin Boy/Girl
Cabin boy/girl's are normally seen as cleanup crew. Scrubbing the deck, tying sails, run messages between canines, or run errands for various ranks.

Apprentices are canines who have either just grown out of their pup years or who do not know their way in life. They may shadow a high rank or a rank of their choosing to have an idea and training on what they would like to do.

Whelps are considered the pups of the crew. They must be seen around an adult at all times. This is mostly for precaution to the dangers that linger just outside the railing of the ship.

Normally considered the lowest of the low. They are normally handed the more crummier jobs and reside in the chambers beneath the deck.

Whisper Silver.Seas, Flurz, BloodWinsAll, or AgentWashington in game to join!

If you wish to apply right here on the forums, here is a Forum Application!

Code: [Select]
FH Username:
Character Name:
Desired Rank:

Also we do allow guests in our Discord so if you would like to browse around before deciding if you think Silver Seas is the right group for you, just shoot one of us a friend request!
( Flurz#5844, Stormwlf#3070, or Toonanimals#4826 )
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FH username was toonanimals317 / ImTheHero
P.S. If you ever need someone to talk to, please feel free to send me a PM, even if I don't know you. I'm here to talk and listen.

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Re: Silver Seas
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Updated some info

FH username was toonanimals317 / ImTheHero
P.S. If you ever need someone to talk to, please feel free to send me a PM, even if I don't know you. I'm here to talk and listen.