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FH: The Movie (idea)
« on: March 12, 2021, 06:27:21 PM »
I recently came up with an idea for a comedic FeralHeart-oriented movie. It wouldn't be in theatres or made by professional companies, of course, but maybe I could actually film it in the game and piece the clips together in an editing software, then upload it online. Y'know, like how Machungwa makes his FH movies.

so anyways, here's what the plot could be:
a couple FH veterans had forgotten about the game for years and haven't even thought of it since the last time they played. The next day, they come across a time machine and are accidentally transported to around 2012-2013. But not 2012-2013 in the real world, instead they were taken to 2012-2013 in FH! They're also their own characters instead of human beings!

As they try to get back to the modern real world, they come across many types of people FH once had, such as:
-the noobs
-players obviously under 13 trying to act all mature
-the people who would type dumb things in General chat
-the territory claimers
-people running around as slenderman
-mate centers and/or adoption centers
-attention seekers (i.e: spams things like "IS DEAD PLEASE HELP" in chat)
-TLK roleplayers, including the ones who'd be like "YOU CANT BE SIMBA IM SIMBA"
-pompous "literate" "realistic" roleplayers who would overexaggerate their bios and act like they're above roleplayers who aren't realistic and/or don't type 3 detailed purple prose paragraphs while roleplaying
-wolfspeakers with extremely confusing roleplay paragraphs
and much more...

I may write this as a fanfic first, but I hope to make this movie one day

(was on original FH as Mayahzdog09, RealLifePetz1997/DancingWithDeath, and Midnight12)
death to the stigma against "illiterate" and "unrealistic"