Author Topic: Multi-African RP Poll Results!  (Read 63 times)


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Multi-African RP Poll Results!
« on: February 23, 2021, 08:07:27 AM »
Hey FeralHeartians! It's me again with your poll results!

First of all I just want to give a big thank you to those who took the time to vote and comment on the poll! It brings me great joy and excitement to get to read and see all of the positivity and support for this group. I also want to thank everyone that voted with wanting to help! If you extended your services, I'd love to hear from you and get to know what those are! If you are new to what's been going on, I'll provide a link to the original poll at the end.

Now it is my great pleasure to announce, that Ukunqoba: Reborn, a Multi-African RP, will move forward for re-opening! Since the release of the poll, I have gathered a wonderful staff team who've been dedicating themselves to making Ukunqoba the best version of itself. With our years of trial and error, we're taking all feedback into account and updating all sorts of information, designs, and more! We can't wait to share what we've come up with for you all this time around.

Until our release, which currently doesn't have a definitive ETA, I'll be providing updates on the forum or in the Discord whenever possible. If that's something you would appreciate!

Here's some extra information about Ukunqoba and what it is, and what it will be. ( What we can tell you right now anyway c; )
- Multi-Species (African only)
- Discorded
- Mapped (optional)
- Ranked
- Semi-Realism
- Mature Themes
- Monarchy Society
- Plotted, with Lore, History, and more
- IC Events
- Community Events, Contests, and Raffles

Link to the original poll:

Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart, really. This group has been a passion project for so long and to see it carry into a new era of FeralHeart makes me so proud! And a huge shoutout to every single person, whether it be staff or member, that ever stepped foot in our humble community. We wouldn't be here today without you. <3

My sincerest thanks,
D: @Neytiri#1514