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Custom moons!? [TUTORIAL] (IMAGE HEAVY?)
« on: February 17, 2021, 07:49:19 PM »
Have you ever wanted a rainbow moon? Or perhaps you'd like a special celestial body within you map's sky? Read ahead as I instruct how to:

Customize your default moon
Add a special moon into your map using the Sky Maker

Custom Default Moon
I personally recommend backing up your default moon texture, just in case you want to change back!

Open the default moon texture (FeralHeart>media>textures>Moon.png) in some sort of image manipulator software (GIMP, Sai, Photoshop, etc.)

Let's make a rainbow moon, shall we~ So, grab your gradient tool...

and pull it across the moon!

(here you can see I have a radial gradient and the opacity down a bit. Play around with layer settings (Screen, Overlay, Multiply, Invert, etc.) and have fun with it.

Once you have your new moon, overwrite the Moon.PNG and open FeralHeart. Go to your Sky Maker (or log on, depending if it's night or day in-game~) and select Night. Maneuver around the sky to see your moon!

(I went ahead and did some layer setting play, out of curiousity. Different transparencies and the Multiply setting.)

(The clouds were in the way and I got impatient waiting for them, so it's an ominous rainbow moon.)[/spoiler]

Special, Map-specific Moon
This is similar to above, but with some coding. Well, it's more copy-and-paste! Then again, that's what coding is sometimes... anyway!
I have decided I don't want the Earth's moon, I want Saturn! So I go to a royalty-free image site, such as Flickr, and find a nice image of Saturn. I like it, so I will use it.

So, I have opened it up in GIMP...problem is, it is a bit big compared to FH's moon.

I crop it and scale it down smaller.

Now that we finally have our soon-to-be moon image, we will save it to our My_Objects folder. I named it my_saturn.png. Since I already have a custom moon in this folder, I have the material file set up. All you have to do is make your own material file (Make a new notepad document and replace the .txt abbreviation to .material.) and copy this code into it, changing the text in white to the name of your image/name of your material:
material my_saturn
   receive_shadows off
         lighting off
         depth_write off
         scene_blend add
         fog_override true

            texture my_saturn.PNG

Once you have it saved, open up FeralHeart and go to your Sky Maker. Once in your Sky Maker, scroll down and select Moon. This is where you color the moon, but also you can change the material!

Input your new material and wha-lah! It's a saturn-moon!

(which you can also still color!)

GIMP - Free Image Manipulator
60 Royalty-Free Image Sites Free of Charge

And I believe that is it to show you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

~ Kastilla

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