Author Topic: How To Role Play Limbless Characters  (Read 855 times)


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How To Role Play Limbless Characters
« on: November 21, 2020, 03:58:56 PM »
Ever wondered how to role play as limbless characters like Charlie?

It's quite simple, really!

1. Movement
Limbless animals usually slither like a snake or crawl like an earthworm. Based on your species, pick which kind of movement, they could even elusively fly! Charlie slithers since she is a snake, but she also flies too since she is a quetzacoatl technically. Another one you can't forget is swimming, maybe your creature lives elusively underwater which is why they don't have limbs or legs! So our options so far for movement includes; flying, swimming, slithering, and crawling. Good range!
2. Hunting
Your limbless creature is a carnivore/omnivore! How will he/she hunt? Hmm... If your character is a snake like Charlie, maybe they coil around their food and constrict it possibly, or if they're big enough they just chomp it down. Less diverse range here, we got biting and suffocating.
3. Other Activities
Ah yes, normal animal activities!  Sleeping is simple, slither up a tree or coil onto the ground in a ball. Eating? Oh just swallow it whole or eat normally, you know biting chunks off and swallowing? Starting a family? Most legless animals usually lay eggs, but it's not uncommon for them to give birth similar to a mammal.
4. Fighting
Oh boy fighting! Most of the things in the hunting section apply here too! There's coiling and constricting your enemies, and well just biting them. Not much range here either. Can't claw because these creatures don't have any limbs.. Darn! Eh decent range I guess.


Fighting example!

*Charlie tried to coil around the wolf to constrict him*
*Charlie tried to bite the lioness on her tail as she hissed*

Movement examples!
*Charlie dove into the cool ocean waters and swam onto the beach*
*Charlie slithered across the warm sand*
*The worm crawled into it's hole*

Hunting examples!
*Charlie hissed as she tried to bite the deer's leg*
*Charlie swallowed her successful deer kill*
*Charlie tried to coil around the rabbit*

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