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FHU Game Help / "My game is crashing!" A help guide
« on: November 09, 2020, 09:56:35 PM »
This is a temporary help guide for those who may have been experiencing crashing lately, particularly after the new update.  The reason why this hasn't been looked into directly is because the current server that's out is merely a temporary placer until our full game can be released.  Any efforts we put out with what little free time we have will go toward strictly the new, final server; it's hard to do that, and then also manage this one at the same time, so we do apologize if you've been experiencing crashing, but implore you to be patient with us, thank you. <3

First things first, let's try to localize what's crashing you. If you just updated and immediately tried to install mods, that would be the reason why.  FN/FHU is slowly moving toward being not so mod friendly.  We are trying to make FHU look grandeur enough to decrease people's need for mods, and any existing mods in the future will likely have to be approved.  If you really want to play the game, I would simply remove your mods for the time being.  More specifically, I would remove mods for the podium or interface. 

"I removed my mods, but I'm still crashing."

Worry not!  There's still some steps to take

1.  Go into your main feralheart folder and click on ogre.cfg.  If it says Direct3d9, change that to OpenGL.  If it says OpenGL, change that to Direct3d9.  This will be at the top.  Restart the game and see if you can get in now.

2.  From the main menu of the game, go to options, then video, and turn of water reflections.

3.  Make sure you are opening the FNFeralheart.exe instead of the old one, and remember to run the updater completely without closing it out.  When it is complete, it will close itself out.

4. In Windows you can right click on an application and click properties and then compatibility.  You can choose different versions of windows to run the game in.  Try experimenting here a little and see if another version of windows will render better.

5.  If you are still having issues, first of all I apologize for the inconvenience!  And second of all, try a fresh install of the game.  Make sure to entirely delete your previous file (you can back up your presets folder and other stuff to a folder on your desktop).  Install the new version to a new install location such as documents or a folder on your desktop.  Then try to repeat the above steps.

Take care, and again, thank you for your patience!

FHU Game Help / If your logs look all weird
« on: October 31, 2020, 01:31:40 AM »
Save this image as LogSpooky.png and put under media > materials and (if it doesnt correct) media > my_objects and replace when asked.  Will make the logs look as intended.

Introduction / I FORGOT to do one of these
« on: June 17, 2020, 02:11:20 AM »
hello I am LEDA
I am a 20 (21 on july 28th) year old American who loves dogs and doodling.  I've been playing feralheart since I was 11 and a half I believe, and started map making when I was 13.  I was very cringey so I apologize if you knew me LMAO but my old usernames were Sorachigo, Grave Walker, Coercion, Mangio Culo, and #justgirlythings , but in recent years primarily Leda.
I like to create content for this lovely game so that others can use it as a creative outlet just as I did for so long- I just love to give back to the community.  You can find two public maps and some free textures in my dA gallery for feralheart, here!
I also created the Rovaniik and Amorwind maps, if anyone ever downloaded those!
I have no idea what I'm doing with my life but I am hoping to get more into game design, with FHU helping me get on that path, and either work with children, animals, or get into computer programming.. one of the three... I will decide eventually.
In my spare time I like to bring other peoples characters to life through a disney inspired style.  But I also draw in a few other styles, and to avoid mixing all my styles up into one page, I have multiple art accounts you guys could check out if you'd like! :3c

my detailed semi-realism style:
my realistic animal illustrations:
and my main, disney inspired style:

Will I ever choose and stick to one? haha unlikely.

If you ever need help with materials, map making, and/or preset making please don't hesitate to DM me.  I can even help you troubleshoot via discord.  I look forward greatly to providing people with content for FHU and am so glad to be here for such a resilient and caring community!  I do take ideas for (unofficial) future preset textures and public map ideas in my DMs!

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