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Neigborhood Stats

Server: Online

Online users: 2

Synced accounts: 5227

Characters created: 12077

FHU x FN Rules


These are the rules you must read before playing on our server.

Please read them over carefully to ensure that you know how to conduct yourself and/or if you see others go against these rules. If you see someone breaking the rules, please contact a member of staff with screenshot evidence, or submit a report in Feral Neighborhood under #submit-a-report at https://discord.gg/kjhAPYN.



Be Respectful & Behave Responsibly

When playing on our server you are expected to treat others the way you’d want to be treated as well as being responsible for yourself and your actions. We also ask that you be respectful towards others and avoid things such as; threats, insults, bullying, harassment, foul language aimed at others (with the intent to hurt), defamation, discrimination and bigotry. We will not tolerate individuals hiding behind the guise of "It's just my opinion.” If it is at the expense of others or only serves to cause discomfort and invalidation, it is still punishable. FN's server is a safe and equal environment for all, and we reserve the right to carry out punishments if you are to impede on that. If you are caught doing anything listed above in chats, you’ll be warned, kicked, or banned depending on severity. Being blatantly discriminatory and harmful will subject you to a longer ban. Furthermore, please view the link detailing banned words below for more information on what can be said/cannot be said. Note that permitted swears are not allowed in names or group names. Only in chat. [Banned word list link.]



Uphold Appropriate Behavior

It is important that you remain appropriate in all chats, whether it is within conversation or in roleplays. Things such as NSFW* discussion, behavior, names, roleplay, biographies, and groups tagged as 18+ (because of their sexual content) are strictly prohibited. This includes roleplays featuring mating and similar sexual material. This further extends to the advertisement of Discord servers or roleplays within the game to contain sexual themes and other graphic material unsuited for players underaged. This is to ensure the safety of our younger playerbase. If you are believed to have subjected minors to inappropriate content or behaved in a predatory manner, you can be met with a severe if not permanent ban. User safety is highly important to us, and this is to ensure everyone (and especially underaged users) are well protected.



Use Chats Responsibly

When using the different chats in FN’s server not only    should you keep in mind the first two rules you should also avoid creating spam within them. Spam, in definition, is when you fill up the chat repetitively with words to be intentionally disruptive. It is highly obnoxious to players if there is idle discussion or roleplay. If you’re caught doing this, you’ll be warned, if a warning goes unnoticed, you could be kicked or banned for a brief period of time. Note that cursing/swearing is allowed to a degree, but please remember that it is only allowed to a degree (in which staff deem appropriate) and should never be used against another individual. Please heed warnings given by staff.



Do Not Impersonate Staff

Impersonation of staff members can serve to create confusion and in some regards disrespect. This includes things such as undertaking user reports, threatening users to ban/kick them, or providing false information under the guise that it’s official. It is OK to be helpful but there comes a point where it could overstep boundaries and undermine the team. Especially if the information you provide is false, it can only cause for confusion.



Do Not Steal/Leak Personal Presets and Maps

 Under no circumstances will we allow the theft or leaking of personal maps and presets. If you’ve gotten your hands on either a map or preset that you did not create, it’s expected that you don’t use or distribute it in any way without the expressed permission of its creator.


Share The Maps and Spaces

All the maps in FN’s server are free to use for all users. You are expected to share them with everyone. You are not to bully people out of a select area or an entire map under any circumstances. For example, if a roleplay group has settled onto a space that you usually occupy, you cannot make them leave. You’ll have to accept their presence in that area of the map. If you’ve been found to harass and bully people out of locations, you could receive a warning or a ban if the warning goes ignored.


 Do NOT Alter the Game’s Files Maliciously

It’s strictly prohibited to alter/abuse game files to your own advantage. It can create a larger problem and derail players' experience. This also includes using such codes and files for monetary gain. Actions such as these can result in an immediate ban.



Notice regarding roleplays:

Groups made purely with the intent to roleplay themes such as gore, blood, or feature specific “undesirable” personalities in order to fit a character are allowed as long as the parties involved are aware and accepting of the roleplay’s terms. In other words, gore, “mature discussion” (ie. a roleplay with intensely religious themes), are allowed as long as the individuals participating are warned of these themes previously and consent to joining. Still, sexual/NSFW* roleplays or themes pertaining to rape, fetishes, and anything suggestive are not allowed under any circumstance, whether they be in public or private maps.


An example of a “undesirable” character would be roleplaying as a homophobic character. Typically, out of character, this would not be permitted in the game and would result in punishment. However, if the character in a roleplay has homophobic traits to push the plot forward and all parties agree on the character’s existence/are comfortable with the character, it is permittable. Still, it is stressed that in public areas you remain respectable and follow the rules if you are interacting with others unaware of your roleplay character.


*Please note that our definition of NSFW is anything sexually suggestive or sexually themed.


By playing, you agree to these rules and are fully aware that by breaking them you could be potentially met with disciplinary actions such as warnings, kicks and bans. Furthermore, please be aware that you must be over the age of 13 to play as stated in our Terms of Service. If you're found to be under 13 years old, you'll be immediately banned from the game


If you are seeking information related to legalities, publishing, privacy policy and terms of service, please refer to here.