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FeralHeart Publishing Information

FeralHeart is a closed source game made and owned by KovuLKD.

To modify, use or publish any parts of FeralHeart (including the source code ad all assets) in any ways you need direct permission from the game's owner.

Anything published without the approval of the game's owner will be taken down without a notice.


As of February of 2020 xSpirit is in charge of enforcing KovuLKD's rights in his name, if you have any questions or request you should directly contact him and if needed he'll forward your message to KovuLKD. (Please always make sure you are talking to the real xSpirit.)


List of people who have a direct permission to run FeralHeart

 Name Owner URL 
FeralHeart Razmirz www.feral-heart.com
FeralHeart Unleashed xSpirit www.feralhe.art
TBA Vaynrat TBA


If you encounter a server running without permission please do not join that server and contact us about it.


Where to contact us

 Service Username
Discord xSpirit#0074
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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