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Neigborhood Stats

Server: Online

Online users: 0

Synced accounts: 2727

Characters created: 10587

Unleashed Stats

Server: Online

(Closed for Patreons)

Download FeralHeart Neigborhood 

Select the correct version for your computer.

Game Install

Game / Version  Platform  Download  Release Date
1.141 (Normal) Windows  Download 2020. 10. 30.
1.141 (Normal) Linux -  TBA
1.141 (Normal)  Mac Installation Tutorial  TBA

1.141 (Normal)

Android  -  TBA


Game Patch for 1.131

(How to use?)

Game / Version  Platform  Download  Release Date
PATCH Windows  Download 2020. 10. 30.
- Linux -  
-  Mac -  -


Android  -  -


How to download?
1, If you already have FHN
If you have the Updater in your game, just run that and it will update automatically!
If you don't have the updater, download the patch, extract it in the game's folder then run the updater. 

2, If you don't have FHN yet
1, Download the correct version of the game.
2, Install the game
3, Start FNFeralHeart.exe or the icon on your desktop


Download FHU

Select the correct version for your computer.


Game / Version  Platform  Download  Release Date Windows  - TBA Linux -  TBA  Mac -  TBA Android  -  TBA


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