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Neigborhood Stats

Server: Online

Online users: 3

Synced accounts: 2856

Characters created: 10984

Unleashed Stats

Server: Online

(Closed for Patreons)

Welcome to FeralHeart Unleashed!


Unleashed is a online animal based roleplaying game in which you can play either as a canine or a feline.
Customize your very own character, and explore our big and colourful virtual world made up from maps
made to represents all kind of climates from all around the world!
You can visit a tropical island then jump through a portal and teleport to the icy South Pole!
When you got bored of the snow and ice, you can jump 
through an another portal and visit the flooded city of Atlantis!
Or if you wouldn't want to visit either right now.. you even can make your own map!


FeralHeart: Neigborhood 1.13 Server

We released a 1.13 FeralHeart server in collaboration with Feral Neighborhood. This server is the same original release from Kovu himself with some minor tweaks and updates.
It has the original maps, and even general chat! Jump in and visit the legendary locations of FeralHeart's world like the stone bridge at Fluorite Plains or the island of the Bonfire!
Join Feral Neighborhood


Join FHU and let your creativity well.. Unleash!